Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Purple Cowboys 997
Home-Based Business

For several years Alonzo Crook has been trying to develop a successful home based business using the Internet. After speaking to a former student, Alonzo Crook was contacted by Clyde Batton, one of the Purple Cowboys. He asked Alonzo Crook to "Take a Peek around the Corner" on the Internet. After listening to Clyde Batton, Alonzo Crook became very excited about the Purple Cowboys 997 Make Money Now program. Alonzo Crook decided to become acclimated through the 14 day marketing blitz which is the training for the 997 Make Money Now. Having listening to only the first six audios in the program Alonzo decided to meet Clyde in person. This meeting gave Clyde and Alonzo the opportunity to get to know each other. Clyde shared some of the product with Alonzo and gave him some hands-on training for 997 Make Money Now program.

Being in his late sixties Alonzo Crook is in relatively good health. He is able to exercise using the treadmill at a speed of 3.2 for approximately thirty minutes. On the other hand he has a dermatological challenge that has nagged him for years. This problem is keyloids on his body which has been a cosmetic and psychological nuisance. After using the product, Alonzo has noticed some improvement in the condition of the keyloids. The pain is less and the infection is better. The most exciting aspect about using this product is that Alonzo's singing voice has begun to function in a clear quality. Alonzo Crook is in no way saying that this product will address any or all health issues that you might have or that the 997 Make Money Now project is for you. Only you can make that decision. "Take a Peek around the Corner" Click Here and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Growing up in the South there was not much to do that would lead to developing skills for success. I recall working in the cotton fields hours at a time (10 hours to be exact). My mother woke my brother and me up about 4:00 a.m. to get ready for a truck that would transport us to the fields. We worked from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The total wages for a day's work was a measly $3.00.

The above experience motivated me to complete high school. Upon graduation I received a scholarship to study vocal music. This honor lead to a degree in vocal music education. My vocal instructor was a firm believer in being in excellent physical condition. To this end I started a program of exercise which began each morning at 5:00 a.m. with a mile run around the football field. When I finished there was time for a quick shower and then off to breakfast. My classes started at 7:15 a.m. and ended at 5:00 p.m. Being a music major I had to practice in order to develop my vocal skills. My practice schedule began at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Then I spent 3 hours studying for my academic classes. The routine repeated itself daily.

I was fortunate to graduate from Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A Senior Recital and a semester of Student Teaching were requirements for graduation. While I was superior in both, I was not properly rewarded for the latter.

While in school I met my wife, to whom I have been married to for 44 years. We have two sons and three grandchildren.

Now, let me share a little about my professional career.

While in school one of my instructors told me about a lady who liked talented people and would help them financially. This lady was a restaurant owner. I made contact with her and she gave me my first job as a chef in her restaurant. Working the night shift gave me the time to pursue my musical profession. The same instructor also told me about James Mack, a talented musician and educator.

I introduced myself to Mack. Through our conversation I discussed my musical goals. Mack set up an audition with Richard Vickstrom, the conductor of the Rockefeller Chapel Choir at the University of Chicago. I was hired as a chorister in the choir. This was an exciting time in my budding vocal career. Another musical organization of prominence was the Chicago Symphony Chorus. As the number one second tenor in the Symphony Chorus of approximately 30 tenors, I was chosen to be a part of the traveling group.

These organizations gave me the opportunity to perform some of the best literature in classical music. Of the two the Rockefeller Chapel Choir was the most challenging and rewarding. I was able to improve my vocal skills to a level where I was rewarded the position of tenor soloist of Rockefeller Chapel Choir. I was the first African American to be appointed that position.

Because of my success in these organizations, I was introduced to Max Janousky, Director of the Hype Park Synagogue. This was my first experience with Jewish music. As a singer I was able to meet so many wonderful people I would not have met if it had not been for my music.

If you were sentence to an activity for 24/7, what would it be? Would it be something exciting, enlightening, rewarding, fulfilling, or challenging? Well, think about it. Whatever you decide make the most of your 24/7.

A short time ago I was talking with a former student of mine and he told me about a guy who would help me with my Internet marketing skills. Clyde,an Internet gurue, called and asked me to "Take a Peek around the Corner" on the Internet. Having tried several home based programs, I thought what the heck. I was only asked to "Peek around the Corner". As first I was a little uncomfortable with the "jawing" and light hearted humor of the Three Purple Cowboys, but as I listened to Clyde things began to make sense.

My "Peek Around the Corner" has opened my eyes and given an excitement beyond my wildest expectation. Take a peek for yourself. Click Here and let me know what you think.